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time is running out
By Rev. Wayne Palmer "Jesus said, 'I will be with you a little longer. .. .'" (John 7:33a). Read John 7:33-44. People are divided over Jesus. Some believe in Him. Others don't. Many are undecided. Jesus warns them to make up their mind: "I will be with you a little longer." I learned that lesson the hard way when I was 19. One Friday afternoon my boss handed me my paycheck on the way home. A couple hours later he collapsed at his bowling alley and died. My chance to talk to him, learn from him, and reach out to him was gone forever. Soon Jesus will be gone. He will die on a cross and be buried. After three days He will rise again, but the vast majority will never see Him again-only a few select believers God will choose to be witnesses of His resurrection to the world. The clock is ticking for us too. Each of us has only a limited amount of time before we die and our chance to find salvation through faith in Jesus Christ ends forever. But often we are content with... (more)

if only,,,
Some days it's so easy Sometimes I forget how Much I want you back again...

The Common Ills
Iraq snapshot
Iraq snapshot Wednesday, March 4, 2015. Chaos and violence continue, the Iraqi forces 'liberating' Tikrit execute a child, Biden and Haider make nice-nice, Nancy A. Youssef attacks Secretary of Defense Ash Carter via selective quoting, Chris Hayes observes what the media has sold (yet again) and much more. Al Arabiya News reports, "A video posted on the internet on Wednesday showed Iraqi soldiers shooting to death at close range a captured child suspected to have fought with militants in the Diyala Province. The director of the Iraqi Observatory for Human Rights, Mustafa Saadoun, in an interview with Al Hadath News Channel, condemned 'the barbaric treatment' of the child, believed to be 11-years old." Need video? Search Twitter Have an account? Log in Phillip Smyth ‏@PhillipSmyth "Shocking video shows Iraq soldiers execute child"... (more)

Slim and beauty
Diet after exercise:
of carbohydrat
e and protein

Exercise will consume a lot of energy, so after the movement, the body urgently needs to obtain nutrients from food to supplement the energy and restore physical strength. After the exercise, it is best to have intake of some carbohydrate, with a small amount of protein and the moderate amount of fat. Try to eat less nuts, full fat cheese and other high-fat, high-calorie food. After exercise meals should avoid fatty food, these foods is metabolized to produce large amounts of acidic substances, which makes the blood to the acidic, is not conducive to the elimination of fatigue after exercise. Vegetables, fruit of this kind of alkaline food, rich in vitamins and trace elements, can prevent the blood to acidic, contribute to the recovery after exercise. Therefore, the best movement after dinner edible Steamed Rice, vegetables and a small amount of meat, in order to simultaneously supplement carbohydrate, protein and moderate amount of fat. The yogurt Yogurt contains very high content... (more)

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Nowadays, in case your dilemma next may people anywhere which will make an effort to imitate the idea, though insert any device tag into it. I have discovered Louis Vuitton hand bags,tiffany co au Chanel key chains, as well as Tiffany, Gucci truck caps amid other sorts of pastimes which happen to have most of long been pretend. www.yandw.com.au The actual depressing fraction utilizing this is that a lot of people that choose close to sports a lot of these tiffany co jewellery imitations need ideas of that will what they're flashing isn't the real guy.It can be a very important factor for an issue in the course of products however if someone happens so that you can wasting 90 over the exclusive price for one matter it's particularly doable, what you will really pay off ended up being made in a new sweatshop somewhere though not where the designer fabricates all of it has the goods. Currently whenever tiffany outlet au you are enthusiastic about shopping for... (more)

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